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By June 6, 2011

The picture of trust: Peyton Masteller and her diva-like jumper, Pikador. (Photo by Nicole Masteller)

Thirteen-year-old Peyton Masteller is the same age as her horse, Pikador, and as you see they are like two peas in a pod. I first saw this photo on Facebook, and was taken with the level of trust and affection it captured, so I emailed Peyton and said I’d like to include it in this issue. Running a newspaper, we are inundated with info on the high performance riders competing across the Americas and the world, but rarely receive tidings from the amateurs that are the heart and soul of the horse industry.

We’re delighted to debut our new website,, and hope it will provide a conduit for members of the community to keep in closer touch! Check it daily for updates, and be aware that a news site is a hungry beast, and we will need a lot of material to keep it fed.  Send us your photos, show reports, barnyard updates and ideas for articles you’d like to see.

Peyton trains with Shayne Wireman at the Chestnut Hills Equestrian Center in Bonsall. She was jumping crossrails two years ago and competing in pony jumpers until late last year. That’s when Shayne helped her locate Pikador, who was available for lease. “He’s kind of a diva,” Masteller chuckles. “His owner had sold him, but got him back because he wouldn’t jump for the people that bought him. When he wants to, he can clear 1.20 meters.”

Peyton, who typically jumps 3’3”, has already won several classes on Pikador at ShowPark. A tiny sprite of a gal, she had no problems riding a friend’s equitation horse, Czech Point, who is 17.2 hands (proving no mountain is too high for a determined horsewoman!). That’s her story. What’s yours?

Paula Parisi

Editor In Chief


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