Tevis Rerouted Due to Snow

By October 6, 2011

Due to snow in the high country the 2011 Tevis Cup start has been relocated from Robie Park to the Gold Country Fairgrounds, and the start time pushed back to 6:30am. The ride will be re-routed to accommodate the change while still covering 100 miles, and will run Saturday through Sunday, Oct. 8-9.

Rider Check-In begins at noon at the Fairgrounds on Friday October 7.

“In effect, they’re starting to Auburn, and going in a big circle instead of a line,” one observer said. “It’s to Chicken Hawk, then down Gorman Ranch Road to Mosquito Ridge, turn around and head back to Auburn.”

“Instead of a line, it’s going to be a circle ride instead,” said one observer, lauding the change for safety reasons. “They’re using some new trails. Some of them are very narrow. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to pass on them.”

Snow, mud and ice is combining to treacherous effect along the high country and crestline.  Overall, the ride does become a bit easer as a result of the change, “You bypass the bogs, but there’s still the mud and the roaring creek and the distance. It will still be quite challenging,” the observer said.

Volunteers should check in to see if their stations have changed.

The time of the Sunday banquet remains the same: Sunday afternoon.


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