Reynolds first to finish at Tevis

By October 8, 2011

Jeremy Reynolds and Riverwatch in Auburn for the 2011 Tevis Cup. (Photo by Linda Moulton)

Jeremy Reynolds and Riverwatch were the first horse and rider pair to cross the finish line at the Tevis Cup endurance race today. The 31-year-old San Jose rider and his 7-year-old bay horse reached McCann Stadium in Auburn at 7:01 p.m, completing the race in 12 hours and 31 minutes. That’s about two hours faster than John Crandell and Heraldic finished last year, indicating the rerouted course was much easier.

They’ll still have to pass the final vet check to be declared the official winners. Reynolds’ riding resume includes two Tevis Cup wins: 2004 in a ride time of 15:50 and 2007 in a time of 14:28, both times on CV Eli.  In 2004 he also won the Haggin Cup for Best Conditioned Horse.

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Shackelford (Lincoln, CA) and her 19-year-old Arabian, BR Cody del Sol, crossed the finish line second, at 7:28 p.m., two minutes shy of 13 hours. Shackelford teared up at the finish line and said it will be the last endurance race for Cody, who she’s been riding since she was 5.

Reynolds, aged 30, now has 18 horses in training in San Jose, California, under Reynolds Racing.  He is also a trained farrier,  has been riding since his early teens and took up endurance nine years ago. He enjoys running to keep in shape when not riding.

Departures from the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn began at 6:30 a.m.

Order of finish:

1. Jeremy Reynolds, Riverwatch (7:01 p.m.)

2. Rachel Shackelford, BR Cody del Sol (7:28 p.m.)

3. Dennis Summers and OMR Tsunami (7:53 p.m.)

4. Danya Weary, Maximum Heat (8:11 p.m.)

5. Garrett Ford, The Fury (8:11 p.m.)

6. Lisa Ford, Cyclone (8:11 p.m.) Eliminated at the finish line

7. Clydea Hastie, Frozen Assets  (8:11 p.m.)

8. Shellie Hatfield, Splashes Maskrade (8:17 p.m.)

9. Bob Spoor, Logistic  (8:17 p.m.) Eliminated at the finish line

10. Lee Bacco (8:27 p.m.)

11. Laura Yost,  Ot El Din RSI (8:45 p.m.)

12. Shannon Constanti, Tallahassie’s Fire (8:54 p.m.)

Jeremy Reynolds competed at the World Equestrian Games on Sir Smith in 2010.






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