John Quirk: A Gallery of Life

By May 4, 2012
John and Tish Quirk

John and Tish Quirk at a 2011 San Diego Chargers v. Minnesota Vikings game. Quirk was at one time a minority owner of the team. (Photo from the collection of Tish Quirk)

On April 12, the equestrian community lost one of its most beloved figures when John Quirk passed away four months shy of his 92nd birthday (August 15). To say he was a horseman is accurate―that aspect of his life is being celebrated at the Del Mar Horse Show Hunter Jumper Week, where a new perpetual trophy will be unveiled in his name―but it falls short of capturing his vivid and adventurous journey.

With the help of his loving wife Tish, who by her own admission spent 47 of the best years of her life in his company, The Equestrian News will attempt to capture a little bit of that Quirky lightning in a bottle. The lightning left behind. Click here to read John Quirk Remembered, a story celebrating his amazing life and the love he and Tish shared.

To enjoy his life in pictures, scroll below.  John and Tish’s family and friends are invited to build on this catalog by sending in their with their own thoughts and pictures. (Email photos to or and we will make sure they get seen.)


John and Tish Quirk on the lawn in Hoagy Carmichael's backyard in Palm Springs on their wedding day.

John and Tish were married at singer Hoagy Carmichael's house in Palm Springs.


Singer Hoagy Carmichael with John and Tish Quirk on their wedding day.

Singer and bandleader Hoagy Carmichael opened his Palm Springs home to the Quirks for their wedding in 1968.


Tish holds a white rose as the two celebrate Valentine's Day.

Still in love, celebrating Valentine's Day 45 years later.


John and Tish Quirk ride camels in Egypt.

We rode camels named Moses and Yankee Doodle Dandy from the Pyramids to the Sphinx. We raced and John won.


Quirk with Pat Christiansen of Las Vegas Events.

Quirk was honored by Pat Christiansen of Las Vegas Events for his role in bringing show jumping's World Cup to the city.


John Quirk and Tim Keener of Las Vegas Events.

John Quirk and Tim Keener of Las Vegas Events.



John Quirk and John Roche.

Quirk with FEI show jumping director John Roche.


Quirk shakes hands with an Asian automotive associate.

Quirk in his role as an international businessman in the auto trade.


John Quirk and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

John Quirk and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.


John and Tish Quirk cuddle at the 2009 World Cup in Las Vegas.

John and Tish at the 2009 World Cup in Las Vegas. (Photo by Paula Parisi)


John Quirk holding a Chargers jersey.

At a game for his beloved Chargers.

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