57th Annual Tevis Cup

By June 27, 2012
Three trail riders clear a ridge in the Lake Tahoe mountains.

The 100-mile Tevis Cup Ride takes place in a single day.

As of June 12, there were 127 riders from four countries signed up for the 100-mile Tevis Cup Ride, set for Aug. 4.

The event takes place in the Lake Tahoe region of California, and while the tagline is “to finish is to win,” the competition, which unfolds over 24-hours, is technically a “race.” All who cross the finish line, however, are eligible to collect a coveted Tevis buckle (for $50).

Since riders press on all through the night, the event is very specifically timed to a ful-moon. Last year’s Tevis Cup was postponed to October due to an unseasonably late High Sierra snow pack, only to be further inconvenienced by unseasonably early snows that forced a re-routing of the fabled high-country trails.

This year, coordinators are convinced the proceeds will go off without a hitch.

The festivities kick off with a Hamburger Barbecue at the Gold Country Fair Grounds on Aug. 1 ($7 per meal). Rider check-ins and briefings take place on Friday, Aug. 3,  and the competition begins at 4:45 a.m.,  Saturday, Aug. 4. Awards are handed out in a ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 5, on the upper floor of the Gold Country Fairgrounds (tickets $15).

The Western States Trails Foundation, a non-profit organization that produces the event and maintains the Tevis trails  year-round, is seeking volunteers. Whether attending as a rider, a working hand or a spectator, there are plenty of thrills to be had at Tevis.

For more information, visit www.teviscup.org.

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