SmartPak Fights Colic

By September 10, 2012

Colic is responsible for more deaths in horses than any other disease, and SmartPak is fighting back. Users of SmartDigest Ultra can sign up for the company’s ColiCare program and become eligible for $7,500 in colic surgery reimbursement.

“We’re so confident that SmartDigest Ultra will help keep your horse’s digestive system healthy that we’ve backed it with a colic reimbursement program, ColiCare,” the company said in announcing the new program. “Horses who receive SmartDigest Ultra in SmartPaks may be eligible for this unique benefit, which provides $7,500 of lifetime coverage toward colic surgery.”

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SmartPak introduces ColiCare for SmartDigest Ultra.

There are a number of conditions, including no previous colic surgery or chronic condition. The program is open to U.S. residents only. Horses must be under age 25 at time of annual enrollment, and may continue to re-enroll through age 28.

For a full list of program details, click here.

Colic afflicts a large number of U.S. horses. Although there is no one cause, the condition can be triggered by anything from stress to a change in the animal’s lifestyle or diet to dehydration.  SmartPak’s research indicates that hay changes alone can increase a horse’s risk of colic by 10 times.

A UC Davis Veterinary School report from 2008 put annual incidence of colic in the U.S. at about 11 in every 100 horses, and estimates 920,000 cases per year (64,000 of them potentially life-threatening).

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