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By October 9, 2015

Wizard of Ahhhs: Jennifer Gates and Cadence at the Pro–Am Style & Competition. Ruby glitter hooves. C’est chic! (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)

The mood lighting was great, due in no small part to the sparkling crowd at the Longines Masters of Los Angeles,  Oct. 1-4. To EEM, a toast (Barons de Rothschild, mais oui!)  for fantastic production values throughout. Across the board, horses, hosts, riders and guests offered consistent spectacular turnout, but The Equestrian News votes its Style & Prestige award to Jennifer Gates. Her forward riding was just part of a style statement that included a fantastic Dorothy of Oz costume at the Pro-Am Style & Competition, and the Best Arm Candy — a combination of trainer Jack Hardin Towell and dad, Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Gates had some serious competition. Among the riders, Gucci ambassador Edwina Tops-Alexander was a standout. The wife of equestipreneur Jan Tops… well, you can never go wrong accessorizing with Belgian horse royalty. In which regard one must spotlight the singular profile of EEM first lady Fernanda Ameeuw, who not only looked dazzling at every single ribbon ceremony, but in off-hours sported a natty husbauble, Brussels-based Christophe Ameeuw. Destry Spielberg was a carpet-walk stunner (and course-walking with Meadow Grove’s Dick Carvin at one’s side is good company indeed. Not to mention a cheering section of Steven and Kate).

Jessica Springsteen deserves special mention. The newest Gucci ambassador, and the youngest, at 23, was striking in her Italian togs. Alas, she scored penalties when dad Bruce Springsteen, flaunting the style rules, wore jeans to the VIP section (but they were dark, and new, so they let him in anyway).



Bill Gates watches the  Longines Grand Prix with daughter Jennifer, 19, who is competing at the 1.45m level, and quite serious about the sport. (Photo: Rob Latour / Rex USA)



Gary and Layne Ann Cuoco with their daughter, high-performance sport rider and “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Kaley Cuoco and Bionetty earned 2nd place in the very competitive Écuries d’ Écaussinnes Grand Prix 1.30m. Nice work! (McCool Photography for EEM)



Destry Spielberg does a course walk with trainer Dick Carvin of Meadow Grove Farm. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Destry Spielberg and Sampson II are a stylish pair, and were quite competitive, landing fifth in the Écuries Écaussinnes. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)


Destry's parents, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, also enjoyed the show, hosted by EEM's Christophe Ameeuw. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)

Steve and Kate look great! Destry Spielberg’s parents and host Christophe Ameeuw of EEM. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Gucci ambassador Jessica Springsteen helps officiate the trophy ceremony for
the Gucci Gold Cup. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Jessica’s parents, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, enjoy the high-performance action (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Jessica Springsteen and Davendy S compete in the Gucci Gold Cup 1.55m. (She and Georgina Bloomberg are the only
celebrity offspring to compete at the 5* level.) (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Axel Verlooy, Penny Coulter, Audrey Coulter and Christian Manchester at the warm-up ring.
(Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)


ashlee-and roy-bond-meeus.jpg

Roy and Ashlee Bond-Meeus (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Power steering to the win: Hannah Selleck and Barla in the Canadian Pacific Grand Prix. (McCool Photography for EEM)



When you ride like that, you win cool stuff like this! (Photo: Katie Jones / Rex USA)



More backstage action: Denise Richards and daughters Lola Rose Sheen and Sam Sheen are starstruck in the presence of John Whitaker’s mount, Argento. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Georgina Bloomberg cuts a stylish figure in her Ariat blazer and boots, on the course walk for the Longines Grand Prix. (Photo: Katie Jones / Rex USA)



Georgina Bloomberg’s horse, Washington Square, offers a mega-watt smile of his own. (Rob Latour / Rex USA)



Destry Spielberg: tousled hair and a fancy martingale are youthful, equestrian and chic! (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Kaylen Spooner and Blenheim Equisports’ Melissa Brandes. (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Bertram Allen, Jack Towell and Richard Spooner soak up the mood lighting in the warm-up ring.
(Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Kayley Cuoco and Fred Savage (Photo: Katie Jones / Rex USA)



Perrey Reeves of “Entourage” with husband, tennis entrepreneur Aaron Fox.
(Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Longines’ Alysa McKenna (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Bo Derek and Kristin Hardin (Photo: Alison Dyer / Rex USA)



Kristen Coe and Ilan Ferder. (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Director Michael Mann and 14-time Olympic team medalist John Whitaker of Great Britain.
(Photo: Alison Dyer / Rex USA)



STX Entertainment Chairman and CEO Robert Simonds and family. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



EEM’s Fabien Grobon, EEM’s Christophe Ameeuw and Dale Harvey of West Palms. (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and EEM’s Fabien Grobon. (Photo: Rob Latour / Rex)



Longines Grand Prix trophy ceremony: second-placed Scott Brash (GBR), Longines Vice President Charles Villoz, winner Marco Kurtscher (GER), Longines’ Jillian Percella, third-placed Kent Farrington (USA), EEM’s Fernanda Ameeuw.
(McCool Photography for EEM)



Longines VP Charles Villoz and EEM CEO Christophe Ameeuw in the Longines lounge at the Sunday grand prix.
(Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Fernanda and Christophe Aneeuw, international icons of sport and style.
(Photo: Alison Dyer / Rex USA)



EEM’s Fernanda and Christophe Ameeuw with actor Jean Claude van Damme and friend. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



“Riding out tonight to case the promised land” with the Ameeuw family. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Sartorial splendor among the men, Italy’s Emanuele Gaudiano sports military style. (Photo: Katie Jones / Rex USA)



Sheik Ali Bin Khalid Althani, who rides for Qatar, was indeed chic in crimson. The crowd went wild over the first of his two clear rounds at the Longines Grand Prix. (McCool Photography for EEM)



Germany’s Christian Ahlmann is sponsored by the Zangersheide Stud, whose logo is emblazoned in yellow on his blue jacket, with a matching ‘Z’ designation on his helmet and Aragon Z’s bonnet. (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Female riders received a Longines DolceVita (pictured) with each win; men got the Conquest Classic Moonphase. (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)



Gucci ambassador Edwina Tops-Alexander, who rides for Australia, is the epitome of elegance, Outback or anywhere. Velvet accents a lovely touch.
(Photo: Alison Dyer / Rex USA)



We found it so soigné that Edwina’s mare, Lintea Tequila, had a little red bow on her tail, then noticed a lot of other horses had them; it designates “kickers.” Sometimes, style follows function. (Photo: Paula Parisi / The Equestrian News)



Marco Kutscher got to take home the souvenir champagne bucket. See you next year! (Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Rex USA)

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