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72-Year-Old Endures, Tops Tevis Field


Potato Richardson, 72, of Greenwood, CA, and his 14-year-old chestnut Arabian mare, SMR Filouette, beat a scrappy field of 201 riders to claim victory in the 60th Tevis Cup endurance competition. Twenty U.S. states and 11 countries were represented in the Aug. 1-2 ride, a 100-mile marathon that begins at the Robie Equestrian Park (elevation 7,000 feet), south […]

New Take on Shoes

Underside of the EponaShoe reveals a cushy tread.

It used to be simple. Back in the day, kids went barefoot in the summer and if times were good, Dad bought everyone a new pair of shoes in the fall for school.  It was simple for the horses, too.  Old Dobbin went barefoot and if he seemed tender, an attractive, burly man appeared and […]

Wild Horse, Wild Ride

Wild Mustang running across the plain.

Making their feature debut, the husband and wife team of Alexandra Dawson and Greg Gricus have created a modestly-scaled independent film that succeeds where many larger-budget Hollywood projects fail, creating a documentary that will leave viewers stunned by the power of the equine/human connection. Choosing as their subject the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) […]

Fords Cruise to Tevis Win

Garrett Ford poses for a close-up with his grey horse, The Fury.

Garrett Ford has been declared winner of the 2012 Tevis Cup Ride, his wife Lisa in second place. Riding his 12-year-old Arabian gelding The Fury, Ford crossed the finish line at 10:05 p.m. PDT on Aug. 4 with Lisa Ford a few steps behind on her 10-year-old gelding CE Cyclone. Their ride time for the […]

Tevis 2012: Grounds for Research

A horse leaves Robinson Flat at the 2012 Tevis Cup Ride.

The 100-mile Tevis Cup endurance ride got underway at Lake Tahoe in the wee hours of morning, marking the 57th running of the event. The extremity of the terrain – sheer descents, vertical climbs and rivers to be forged – lend it mythic status, its place in history guaranteed by the fact that it is […]

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Harrison Ford rides herd as Dolarhyde in Cowboys & Aliens. (Photo courtesy Dreamworks)

I must admit, I rushed to see Cowboys & Aliens on opening day because I wanted to see the horses and it was 105 degrees outside, so cool movie darkness coupled with salty, overpriced popcorn proved an irresistible lure. I love Westerns, and this one started out following the formula of a loner cowboy (whose […]

Tevis: Education in Endurance


The 2011 Western States Trail Ride, also known as the Tevis Cup, runs July 16­–17 (editor’s note: The Tevis Cup was rescheduled for October and the educational ride to July), starting in Lake Tahoe. To help riders prepare for that grueling test of 100 miles in 24 hours, organizers are mounting the fourth annual Tevis […]

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