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Equestrian Film Festival Celebrates Horses


Equine enthusiasts celebrate the cultural and storytelling aspects of the horse at the Equus International Film Festival and Conference, taking place in Missoula, MO, Sept. 18-20. The all-disciplines festival is expected to attract an international group of equine and equestrian filmmakers, trainers, wilderness and horse enthusiasts to soak up the best the bigscreen has to offer in […]

First Look: Horses of ‘The Lone Ranger’

Silver strikes his "heigh-ho and away" pose.

Silver and Scout share the screen with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, opening July 3 from Walt Disney Pictures. The glossy re-imagining of the popular TV series that ran from 1949 to 1957 is directed by Pirates of the Caribbean’s Gore Verbinski and features herds of horses trained by Hollywood wranglers […]

Mine That Bird Breezing to Screen

Mine That Bird wags his tongue at trainer Chip Woolley

The long shot 2009 winner of the Kentucky Derby is ready to make a comeback – on the big screen. The ragtag gelding Mine That Bird is the subject of an independently-financed feature film called “50 to 1,” a reference to his odds on Derby day. Produced and directed by Jim Wilson, the film stars […]

Viva La Vavra!

A grey Andalusian stallion's mane blows amidst the cattails in the wind.

Robert Vavra sees himself more as a “storyteller” than a photographer. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has had the pleasure of taking in his breathtaking images. Now 78, he is considered by many to be the world’s premiere equine portraitist. Vavra, who hails from Southern California, in 1958 began maintaining a residence […]

Cavalia Opens in San Diego

Two rows of white horses perform Cavalia's "Carousel."

As the gleaming white, fairy-tale spires rose like giant popsicle sticks in the sky, traffic slowed to a crawl and downtown office workers pressed nose-to-glass, catching an eyeful as the Cavalia’s 10-story big-top floated heavenward in San Diego. Taking up residence in the lot adjacent to Petco Park, Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and […]

Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart

Charrería riders drill in formation.

Every weekend, at rodeos from Illinois to California, teams of young Mexican American women climb onto sidesaddles in elegant charra suits or ruffled adelita dresses. Weaving their horses through thrilling, high speed ballets known as escaramuzas (from the Spanish word for “skirmish”), they help to preserve the traditional equestrian culture of La Charrería brought here […]

A Museum Where Horses Live

Renommée (Fame), statue atop the Grand Stables

With about 200,000 visitors per year, the Chantilly Living Museum of the Horse (Musée Vivant du Cheval) in France is one of the most-visited equestrian sites in the world. The name is literally accurate ―in addition to art and related items, about 30 breeds of horse are on display. But the most magnificent artifact is […]

Behind the Photo: Jean Cruguet

Jean Cruguet aboard a rearing Thoroughbred.

“Many people new to racing are unfamiliar with the name of Jean Cruguet, and this is a pity.  No, make that a sin,” began a 2009 Saratoga horse racing blog entry. Well, I saw this image, and loved it so much I had to get the story behind it. Look how the horse is lifting […]

Wild Horse, Wild Ride

Wild Mustang running across the plain.

Making their feature debut, the husband and wife team of Alexandra Dawson and Greg Gricus have created a modestly-scaled independent film that succeeds where many larger-budget Hollywood projects fail, creating a documentary that will leave viewers stunned by the power of the equine/human connection. Choosing as their subject the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) […]

‘Horse’ on Display in San Diego

Lipizzaner horse performing a capriole - jumping in the air and kicking out with its hind legs.

The Horse, an exhibit that explores the bond between man and horse,  is on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum through January 20. Using artifacts and art pieces from all over the world, the display explores early interactions between horses and humans and shows how horses have, over time, influenced civilization in areas […]

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