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Enjoying the Ride

Horses stand in their blankets tied to a trailer in snow-covered pine landscape.

While the article “Gearing Up for the Tevis Cup” in your October/November issue was overall very good, emphasizing the level of athleticism and skill necessary to take part in the event, there is one point I would like to correct. Here at the Western States Trails Foundation, which maintains the trails and produces the Tevis […]

From Our Desk: The War Against Slaughter

Paula Parisi and her horse Larry

It strikes me as bitter irony that the film War Horse is opening barely a month after Congress passed an appropriations bill that excluded the provision preventing horse slaughter plants from opening in the U.S. War Horse, directed by Steven Spielberg, celebrates the horse’s nobility and service to man, deftly sketching the partnership that can […]

From Our Desk: Keep In Touch!


Thirteen-year-old Peyton Masteller is the same age as her horse, Pikador, and as you see they are like two peas in a pod. I first saw this photo on Facebook, and was taken with the level of trust and affection it captured, so I emailed Peyton and said I’d like to include it in this […]

From Our Desk: Out West

Paula Parisi and her horse Larry

Nancy Cole, publisher of The Equestrian News, and I frequently have this debate: What is the U.S. epicenter for equestrian sport? I – East Coast born and bred – argue that it is Wellington, Florida. Nancy, a “West sider” (from Arizona) insists it is California. I cite the concentration of competitive riders in Palm Beach; […]

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