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Sidesaddle Riding Thrives in Modern World


Many ancient disciplines have made their way into the modern world despite having lost their original, practical necessity. In today’s mechanized society, almost all horse activities could be said to fall into this category, but few retain the charm and grace of a bygone age as completely as the art of sidesaddle riding. The elegance […]

Sidesaddle Battle


The American Sidesaddle Association, an Ohio-based nonprofit corporation, is asking the American Quarter Horse Association to change their rules and allow sidesaddle riders to compete aboard their American Quarter Horses. Although women have been showing in sidesaddles for well over a hundred years and many breeds allow or even welcome riders showing their mounts under […]

Bravo for the Brave Charros and Bulls!

Steer roping is a popular charro event. (Photo by Locus-Ford/MicroArtisans)

The charro arena, located at the west end of the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in Lake View Terrace, is normally a quiet, dusty, even mysterious place. But on July 25 it was anything but. Five hours of fast action, south-of-the-border family entertainment featuring brave bulls, charros y charras, song, brass bands and mariachi strings, and, of course, gorgeous Spanish […]

Lady Knight Rules the Day

Hankins demonstrates her ability with a sword (above) and a spear (below) riding her Azteca gelding Casanova. (Photos by Alan Nimrod)

Most little girls enjoy fairy tales and dressing up like fairy princesses, but for Virginia Hankins carriages and fairy wands could never stack up against powerful, fast-moving horses and knights with lances and shields. “I did have my purple phase,” she admits, but the Simi Valley resident says she was more influenced by Tamora Pierce’s […]

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