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Plague in Angeles Nat Forest

Angeles National Forest sign

A plague-infected ground squirrel was discovered in the Angeles National Forest in California. An excess of fleas tipped public health investigators to irregularity in the creature, which was discovered dead on July 16 with a formal diagnosis issued 10 days later. The squirrel was recovered in the Table Mountain campgrounds near Wrightwood, north-east of Los […]

Tower’s Last Ride

Sara Warner and Tower ride hills of Southern California under bright blue skies.

Horses have had a special place in the heart of a young girl whose life has been transient.  As the eldest child in a military family, I was relocated every two years and home was where the U.S. Army sent us. One of the few things I could count on was riding. Whether in America […]

NorCal Preserves 10,000 Acres of Open Space

Rockville Trails, Solano County, CA

The Solano Land Trust of Fairfield, CA, has raised $13.5 million to complete the purchase of 1,500 acres of open space in the Bay Area which it will add to its existing 10,000 acre holding and turn into a public park, located about half-way between San Francisco and Sacramento. The deal concludes 18 months of […]

Courting Jester

Jester, a Haflinger mule, and owner Jennifer Wells.

My mule Jester was born on April Fools’ Day, hence his name. But he has proven to be no joke. Jester was a two-and-a-half-year-old untouchable mule that the breeder had “left behind” at birth, due to lack of time and interest. He was parked in a large pasture with other John mules and became uneasy […]

Packing with Rock Creek

Packing Rock Creek

Opportunities to pass on something you love to your children can be hard to come by in the digital age. So when I heard about Rock Creek Pack Station’s three-day Parent-Child Ride in California’s Eastern Sierra, I knew it was just the thing for me and my 11-year-old son, Teo. Friends from the L.A. Equestrian […]

Atwater Bridge Rises Over Troubled Water


For 20 years, riders from the Paddock Riding Club in Atwater Village and other equestrians in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles have been trying to get a bridge built that would allow proper access to the trails of Griffith Park without having to ford the sometimes slick and treacherous L.A. River. On April […]

Tevis: Education in Endurance


The 2011 Western States Trail Ride, also known as the Tevis Cup, runs July 16­–17 (editor’s note: The Tevis Cup was rescheduled for October and the educational ride to July), starting in Lake Tahoe. To help riders prepare for that grueling test of 100 miles in 24 hours, organizers are mounting the fourth annual Tevis […]

Dogs Attack Horse at Hansen Dam


On May 20 a horse and rider were attacked by three canines on the trail in the Hansen Dam Recreational Area in the Lakeview Terrace section of Los Angeles. The dogs were identified as pit bulls by Jodi Pavlovich, who is, ironically, a dog trainer. The dogs were being walked off-leash by owners who were […]

LA Trails Manual Now Online

The County of Los Angeles County Department of Recreation and Parks has made available the proposed County of Los Angeles Final Trails Guidelines Manual (Final Trails Manual) for viewing by interested parties. The Final Trails Manual can be accessed and downloaded under the Downloads tab at The manual is available in two versions. The […]

Journey to Santa Ynez

Photographer Kimerlee Curyl riding in Santa Ynez

I often hear, “So what brought you to Santa Ynez?” My response: “It’s a long story, but the short answer is…my mare.” I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want a horse. As a child I cried, begged, pleaded and prayed that one day I’d have a horse of my own. […]

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